Who Are The Disenfranchised?


The Disenfranchised are an Ebonheart-Pact-centric Guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. We formed The Disenfranchised  to have a place for people who are interested in a tactical/teaching approach to PVP play, as well as to help new-to-PVP players learn good tactics both in combat itself, and when thinking more broadly about map gains.

We are a tight, team-oriented group, and we get results.

We only have one firm rule: Don’t be a dick. 

What constitutes being a dick?

  • Consistently being rude to others in TeamSpeak.
  • Consistently being hostile or trolly in Zone chat.
  • Making use of hacks, scripts, or otherwise unsanctioned exploits within ESO.
  • Deliberately causing grief for Guild or Alliance members.
  • Theft from Guild.
  • “We’ll know it when we see it.”

We are less concerned with the Emperor list than with strategy, but we support our members in their goals. We have past Emperors and current Emperor contenders in our ranks, as well as highly experienced PVP players who are more than happy to share their knowledge. We have master crafters and new players. Many of us have deleted characters which vetted out of Blackwater Blade to be able to stay within that campaign due to how much fun it is.

Our collective goal is a tight, fun, cohesive, successful Guild and PVP Group. We expect excellence and leadership from our Officers, and we expect ZZ Group members to stay on Crown. PVP group members must have TeamSpeak (no mic necessary; we just need you to hear us.)

We are always happy to answer questions.

We aren’t going to judge anyone for playing PVE – this is a game we pay to enjoy, and everyone should play as he or she wishes. When we’re trying to level, or are running shards, we’ll sometimes do it together to make it faster, easier, and more fun.

We get a lot of grief from people in Zone chat who may not always understand our plans or methods – we truly do not care. We’re not looking for fame – we’re looking for Victory. Unloved, Unwanted, Unsung – we accept this fate.

While we spend most of our PVP time as Ebonheart Pact, members are of course allowed to play for whichever Alliance they choose. No prior permission or notification is required; we only expect our members to comport themselves with integrity and to not compromise the Guild’s assets or plans when playing for other Alliances.

We have a TeamSpeak server for our members and for non-members grouping with us. This information will be freely shared with those who need to connect, though our PVP channel requires an officer to bring people down. Please do not give out the TeamSpeak server information to anyone not in the Ebonheart Pact.